Bukit Chilli Rafting

Bukit Cilli Rafting special designed by young local people in Bali who really intent to develop tourist destination at eastern part of Bali, by building one of rafting infrastructure at Telaga Waja River.
The Telaga Waja begins in the foothills of the sacred Mt. Agung, the river has white clear water, nature life, green plantation surrounding and cold natural spring water.The narrow of gorges and breathtaking views of rice terraces plains all along the way for your final challenge! the water dam!. Length of rafting trip is approximately 12 kilometers take about 2 Hours. Telaga Waja River has Class 3+ rapids.

‘Bukit Cilli’ Talaga Waja River Rafting
Adult : USD 60
Children 7 - 12 years :

facilities :
 Hot Buffet Lunch
 All safety equipment
 Professional Guides
 International Safety Standard Instruction
 Insurance Cover
 Shower & Change Rooms
 Waterproof Bags

Information :
 Price include air conditioned hotel transfer Return
 Prices include tax and service charge
 Prices of all services and products at Ista Dewata Tour is valid only for Indonesian Citizen (WNI) or the holder of KIMS / Permits.

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